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Our Calling

Working together to create a brighter future!

The Maanzoni Owners Association (MOA) represents the Maanzoni Wildlife Estate residents’ interests. MOA is a legally registered association under the laws of Kenya.

MOA serves the residents of the Maanzoni Wildlife Estate in Mavoko Municipality by bringing them together and collaborating with various government entities, including the County Government of Machakos, relevant local authorities, Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS), and other voluntary local and international organizations to enhance the quality of life in Maanzoni. MOA seeks to foster a sense of community through the provision of community activities and facilities.

A Location
That is unique

Maanzoni Wildlife Estate is an ecologically sensitive area in the Athi Kapiti plains spread over a 4,093-acre member’s estate. It is comprised of largely unfenced lots of 5 acres, allowing free movement of wildlife, and is located only 45 kilometers from Nairobi’s central business district.

It is designated as a low-population-density residential and conservation area.

This covenant-controlled community in Machakos County offers families of all ages a tranquil, peaceful, and well-maintained living environment and animal sanctuary. Its proximity to the capital city, Nairobi, as well as its surroundings and abundance of open space, brings the countryside to the city.