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Losing Ground

In order to guarantee their migratory route and ensure a healthy gene pool, we must advocate for a corridor between Maanzoni and the Hopcraft conservancy across the road.

Such a corridor would also guarantee the safe crossing of other animals such as Hyena, Zebra, Ostrich, Eland, Grants etc.

Please vote for the creation of a sustainable corridor. Don’t let the precious and vulnerable ecosystem of Maanzoni die!

Maanzoni’s Maasai Giraffe


In July 2019 The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) placed giraffes on the RED list of endangered wildlife species.

The population of giraffe has HALVED in the last 30 years! By International Law they are now protected and have special rights including the right to NOT be disturbed in their natural environment.

Here in Maanzoni we have a healthy population of ±50 giraffe with all females over 5 years having given birth or currently pregnant. So far, we have 8 births this year.

Save Maanzoni’s Maasai Giraffe

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The Giraffe …Going, going…

Can we save the Maasai giraffes of Maanzoni from ‘Gone’

By Rupi Mangat

On the Athi-Kapiti plains 40 kilometres south-east of Nairobi a herd of Maasai giraffes nibble the leafy acacias reminiscent of Tutankhamun’s times. The largest of the giraffe subspecies, the Maasai giraffe is only found in Tanzania and Kenya’s central and southern parts.

As of 2019, the largest of the giraffes is listed ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List.

The drastic decline of the giraffes that number 30,000 in the wild is due to poaching and loss of habitat which continues. Countries such as Kenya that are signatory to the IUCN……..

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