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Wildlife Estate

“Coexisting with wildlife, thriving as one”


1. Coexisting with wildlife for a sustainable future

We strive to create a harmonious environment where humans and wildlife can thrive together. We believe that conservation and coexistence are essential for a sustainable future.

2. Protecting biodiversity through responsible management

Our mission is to protect and conserve the diverse wildlife and habitats on our property. Through responsible management practices, we aim to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same natural beauty and biodiversity that we do.

3. Creating a model for sustainable development

We are committed to creating a model for sustainable development that balances the needs of the environment, the community, and the economy. By working together, we can build a better future for ourselves and the wildlife that call our estate home.

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“Maanzoni Wildlife Estate is dedicated to safeguarding the natural environment and its wildlife for a sustainable future. Join us in this mission and make a positive impact on our planet.”


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The Conservancy

The Maanzoni Wildlife Estate is a veritable wildlife haven, boasting an abundance of animal and bird species. Visitors to the estate can marvel at the sight of giraffes, zebras, elands, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles, warthogs, jackals, honey badgers, wildebeest, Kongoni, pangolins, and many other species. The estate is also home to an impressive array of birdlife, including the ostrich – the world’s largest bird – and the Kori Bustard, which holds the distinction of being the largest and heaviest flying bird in the world.


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A Location
That is unique

Nestled within the ecologically sensitive Athi Kapiti plains, the Maanzoni Wildlife Estate is a one-of-a-kind member’s estate spread over 4,093 acres. The estate comprises of unfenced 5-acre lots that offer unrestricted movement of wildlife, making it a vital conservation area. Located a mere 45 kilometers from the bustling central business district of Nairobi, this covenant-controlled community in Machakos County is designated as a low-population-density residential and conservation area.

Families of all ages are drawn to the peaceful and well-maintained living environment offered by Maanzoni Wildlife Estate. It’s an ideal place to call home, with the serene surroundings, abundant open spaces, and proximity to the city making it a perfect sanctuary.



Our Partners

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) partners with Maanzoni Estate in patrols, treatment of sick and injured animals, desnaring, and arrest and prosecution of poachers.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS)

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) protects and manages Kenya's wildlife for the benefit of Kenyans and the rest of the world.
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Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA)
Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) works with Maanzoni landowners and communities to protect and manage wildlife and their habitats outside of formally protected areas in a way that is good for the people of Kenya.


To work with landowners and communities to sustainably conserve and manage wildlife and their habitat outside formal protected areas for the benefit of the people of Kenya.
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Wildlife Conservancies Association (AKWCA) Logo
The Athi-Kapiti Wildlife Conservancies Association (AKWCA) is collaborating with Maanzoni to preserve the Athi Kapiti ecosystem and wildlife migration routes.


The Athi-Kapiti Wildlife Conservancies Association (AKWCA) is a membership organisation that unites the conservancies and ranches in the 4,000-square-kilometer Athi-Kapiti ecosystem working to protect wildlife through community-led conservation.
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Save Giraffes Now - Official logo
Save Giraffes Now (SGN) has partnered with Maanzoni Estate's ranger programme to assist in the conservation of giraffes and the sensitive eco-system.

Save Giraffes Now

Save Giraffes Now works with partners across Africa on conservation programs that make a difference for giraffe in the wild.
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Mavoko Alliance of Residents Association (MARA) OFFICIAL LOGO
The Mavoko Alliance of Resident Associations (MARA) serves as the umbrella organization for resident associations in Mavoko County, representing their collective voice and proactive action.


The Mavoko Alliance of Resident Associations (MARA) serves as the umbrella organization for resident associations in Mavoko County, representing their collective voice and proactive action.
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